1. Can I play the game as a solo diver without a dive buddy?

    You will need a dive buddy/teammate to join you on this dive. But that doesn't mean that solo travelers aren't welcome. It just means that we will buddy you up with another diver to share the fun with.

  2. Is Scuba Hunt for everyone?

    ScubaHunt is for certified divers only and not for beginners fresh out of the Open Water course.

    Divers need to have confidence in their diving skills to be able to focus on navigating around the puzzles and not worry about buoyancy.

  3. Do I need to be a Navigation Pro?

    We've made the maze intuitive to navigate using underwater buoys to guide you on your way through each part of the challenge.

  4. How shallow is the dive site? Will I need a safety stop?

    The maximum depth is only 19ft so you don't need to worry about running out of air. In fact, it's so shallow there is no need for a safety stop and you can do it as your last dive the day before you fly.

  5. My dive schedule is normally packed when I visit Cozumel. Can I fit this in?

    Sure. Because it's shallow you can add it on as an extra dive to your normal 2 tank dive. Plus it's in a super central location and just a 2-minute boat ride from the shore.

  6. What if I get so focused on solving the clues that I forget to check my air or get lost?

    There will be a divemaster closely supervising you and your buddy at all times, the ratio is 1 DM to 4 divers, so they will keep a close watch over you.

  7. Should I be concerned about the current?

    Cozumel is known for its drift diving and although you aren't going to be 'in the drift' on this dive there may be a bit of a current so it's a bonus if you have some experience with this already.

  8. There's a third party that doesn't dive. Is there a place to stay while we're playing?

    Scuba Hunt is located at the iconic beachfront Hemingway Restaurant, just a five-minute taxi ride north of the ferry terminal.

    It is the perfect location to hang out before or after the game.


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